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Zuriel Training Institute is a division of Zuriel Events and Interior Design limited, a dynamic vision-driven institute founded on biblical precepts and committed to revolutionizing the business landscape whilst bringing lasting solutions to real-life issues in Africa

To raise millions of exceptional and lasting kingdom businesses across Africa

To help individuals build exceptional and long-lasting businesses.

Hard work

In today’s busy world, more and more people are relying on professionals to help them plan, organize, and decorate special events. As a result of this, the Event & Wedding Planning Industry is growing faster than almost any other industry. With the right knowledge, skills, and business tools, you can start a career in this extremely profitable industry!

Zuriel Training Institute Certification program provides you with the most comprehensive training you need to succeed in the events and hospitality industry.

This program combines the Event Planning course and the Event decorating course, providing you with the practical skills and tools to start your own business or find a high-earning job in the events industry before launching your own business empire.

This program equips you with all you need to:

  • Plan and organize milestone parties, weddings, industry special events, and more!
  • Develop a theme, atmosphere, and vision for the event with your client
  • Hire and negotiate contracts with popular and niche event vendors
  • Plan a wedding program with special consideration to any religious or cultural variations
  • Create and balance your client’s budget
  • Market your event and wedding planning business
  • Achieve your client’s goals for their event
  • Learn about the detailed logistics behind a wide range of internal, external, public, and private events.
  • Embrace and grow excellent habits in planning, organizing, and strategizing to accomplish your event goals
  • Expose you to profitable biblical business principles and equip you with the tools needed to establish the framework of being savvy professionals.
  • Invest in your most valuable asset – YOU!

Explore what each program has to offer and decide which course is right for you!

With the right education and experience, you open up doors to a number of career paths:

Start Your Own Business
Be your own boss, set your own hours, and make your own rules. Become a trendsetter and inspire your team.

Become an In-House Corporate Planner
More and more large companies hire full-time event planners to coordinate conferences, meetings, trips, business retreats, and more. These are often some of the best-paid professionals in the planning industry!

Work For an Event Planning Company Before Launching Yours
If your goal is to work for an established event planning firm before launching your own business, this program will be a huge asset to meet that goal. You’ll be able to stand out as a candidate who has the skills and dedication to get the job done!

Work in The Service Industry Before Launching Your Own Business
Are you interested in working as a planner in the hospitality and tourism industry, catering industry, cruise line, hotel, spa, or resort? This professional certification will help open all of these doors!


Begin this journey by taking this all-encompassing course which would prepare you to plan every type of event from children’s parties to corporate events to elaborate weddings. This course also comes with an optional business unit that gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to launch your own business immediately.

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You want to start a career in event planning and don’t want to limit your options
  • Your goal is to start your own event and wedding planning business
  • You are a working event planner and want to enhance your career through professional
  • You are currently working in another industry and want to branch out into the world of event planning
  • You’re looking to earn a steady income and have the choice between flexible and regular

Creatively design and style every type of event imaginable to make it the most spectacular day of your clients’ lives. You’ll learn how to create this vision and work with a creative team to bring even the blandest space to life! This course also comes with an optional business unit that gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to launch your own business immediately.

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You want to expand your event planning career by offering decorating services to
    existing and potential clients
  • You want the freedom to work on a variety of events, shows, sets, runway etc. in a number of different and unique industries with the potential to earn a high-level salary
  • You want to start your own event decorating business
  • You want to work as an in-house event or wedding decorator while on your current job

At Zuriel Training Institute our teaching method is student-based, tailored to suit each individual’s strength and ability, and at a learning pace that ensures no one is left behind. Our field trips give the students hands-on experience and our one-on-one mentorship sessions help to guide the students and meet their individual learning needs that would have otherwise been unnoticed in a large group.
Interactive classroom lectures.

  • Case studies and role-plays
  • Analytical & Diagnostics
  • Video sessions
  • Hands-on experience and feedback
  • Adventure related experiential learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Flip learning
  • Group brainstorming sessions and discussions
  • Business games and strategy puzzles


Enroll and receive your course materials.

  • After enrollment, you would receive access to your online student center, and immediately you’ll receive your course materials.
  • Work your way through the course. Each program is split into modules and then learning units, each unit comes equipped with an easy-to-follow course guide that directs you through the course. Follow the course guide to know when to read a course material, when to watch a video, and when to submit an assignment.
  • When you’ve completed all worksheets, assignments and projects for a unit, you’ll submit them for grading. Your tutor will access, review and grade each of them and
    then provide you with feedback and advice.
  • At the end of the program, you are expected to complete a full practicum assignment where you’ll plan or decorate an event based on a real-world scenario that matches your personal career goals.
  • On graduation, you would be presented with an industry-recognized certification to effectively equip you to launch a successful career. Step out in grand style as a professional in the events world with full confidence that you have the skill and knowledge to be successful.
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