About Us


Zuriel Events and Interior design Limited is an exclusive Event planning, decoration and Interior design company who through experience and expertise has created a niche in the planning and decorating memorable events and in designing bespoke interiors making us your very first choice for a remarkable experience.


To be the world’s most people-centric company whilst towering globally in terms of service, quality, product and delivery.


To bring your space to life


God’s business serving God’s purpose through generations


    We are your one stop home for all your interior needs thereby helping you save time, energy and money.
    We bring in the latest innovation in design to optimize and improve your life.
    Professional and seasoned team of architects, engineers and interior designers who execute your project thereby providing you with utmost peace of mind, before, during and after your project.
    We ensure every project succeeds, while developing connections that will last a lifetime. We understand that you have a busy life and so you need a partner with not only the right expertise, but also with the greatest ease of access. In order to make you enjoy the journey as much as the results, we come to you bearing gifts of limitless access to our seasoned professionals at your own convenience.


It is an understanding that no one can genuinely have a heart for people without the fear of God. God’s greatest desire is all about people and for us to indeed accomplish our vision; we thrive on putting God and the kingdom first which in turn drives the vision to the point of fulfillment without having to rely on our strength or expertise.


When truth is off the streets, destinies are trampled under feet. We believe in transparency and accountability by promising only what we can deliver and delivering beyond what we have promised.


We believe in a unified sense of purpose and so we work consciously together with one voice and each unit surging towards the same goal in order to achieve excellent results in all our projects.


We believe that productivity doesn’t depend solely on numbers but in the unity of combined forces. And so we break down every project to manageable phases and work together as an impenetrable team on each aspect of the project to produce the best results possible.


We believe that nothing enhances worth like work and hard work doesn’t kill but wrong work does! Hence our team comprises of tireless, efficient and creative workers who wisely invest energy into ensuring that all our projects are not only completed on time, but also excellently done; after all every perfect work of art is seen in its details.


We are people oriented and in order to serve our clients efficiently, we ensure that our team comprises of seasoned professionals who are given to learning, relearning and keeping abreast of the facts in the industry.
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